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Your Second Visit to Our Roswell Practice

Consultation with Dr. Lee

Patient having a consultation with Dr. Lee.

On your second visit the first thing that will take place is going over the x-rays with the doctor. After a detailed explanation you will be taken to the Tytron station. This heat scan of the neck area is one of the objective tests that are utilized by an Upper Cervical Blair doctor to determine whether you need an adjustment or not. Next you will be placed on the adjusting table and given a series of leg tests. These are objective tests that help the doctor determine two things: 1. If you need an adjustment or not, and 2. At what vertebral level the adjustment needs to be made. The checks are used in conjunction with the heat scan in order to determine if an upper cervical adjustment is needed.

Patient receiving a Blair adjustment

Patient receiving a Blair adjustment

If the doctor determines that a Blair adjustment is needed than you will be taken to the side adjustment table. This table is low to the ground and allows the doctor to have a biomechanical advantage in making these precise corrections. The adjustment is quick and gentle. The neck is never twisted or manipulated.

After having a Blair adjustment you will be taken to the resting area. The 15-20 minute rest is essential after a Blair adjustment. The rest allows the body to re-gain control of the position of the corrected vertebra and to help maintain the upper cervical correction. The second visit will usually take about an hour as well.

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